Bomaxs provice high quality LED lamps and lighting solution for evey customers!

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  Supermarket Aisle Lighting

Bomaxs offer supermarket lighting solution with LED fluorescent T8 fixture. There are...More

  Retail Bakery Lighting

Retail LED display cases light for Bakery Have you thought about why bread or cake being...More

  Fresh Meat Lighting

Meat Display Case Lighting is designed with true vibrant color and Against UV&IR...More

  Dairy display lighting

We engage in UV free, quick retrofit, easy maintenance, no glare, high CRI retail LED case...More

Main Products

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Kitchen LED Ceiling Lights

Kitchen LED Ceiling Light…

Kitchen LED Ceiling Lights a well-designed high lumen output milky Nano acrylic diffuser w...

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IP66 Waterproof LED Tube

IP66 Waterproof LED Tube

IP66 T8 waterproof led light tubes - it is an ideal led tubes with IP66 waterproof grade, ...

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IP65 G13  LED Tube

IP65 G13 LED Tube

IP65 Waterproof led tube lights - Bomaxs design 120lm/w super efficacy T8 8w 600mm waterpr...

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Why choose LED Lighting?

Along with technology advancement and people pay attention to the shortage of energy, the led lighting is the fastest growing industry in almost every country. This technology  advantages of led Lighting products are: led lighting offer high energy efficacy, gree light source, save energy up to 60-80%, long time service, no flake, no mecury, high CRI. Besides, Bomaxs offer thermal management issues to lumiaire optical design and maximise the lighting efficacy from LEDS, warranty driver, construction.  Read More...